Thursday, July 24, 2014

On to the Job Sites - Reunited and Working

This morning, everyone in the group headed to the Iglesia Casa del Alfarero (The Potters House Church) in Miramar. Reunited with many of our friends the first order of business was hugs and hellos. The church here is growing steadily and quickly there was concrete being mixed, blocks being unloaded, and the sewing projects. Dr Efren along with many helpful assistants, helped clean and doctor a severely infected foot of one of our friends Nacho. The floor of the kitchen area and the walls of more bathrooms were quickly taking shape.

In the afternoon, the group split in two groups with half returning to Miramar and the other half traveling down the road to Casa Emmanuel (Emanuel’s House) to prepare for the needs of this location. In Miramar the Bible School kicked off with an Energizer song and dance to get the children ready to learn. Several children are participating the in the scripture memorization and all started decorating their tee-shirts with the theme of Rahab and the Red Rope. It could be moot to say the concrete is constantly mixing at Casa del Alfarero (it will be the same at Casa Emmanuel starting tomorrow), but hey, there is a lot of construction going on. Those who scouted the Casa Emmanuel site last year were amazed by the progress the people of that church community has already put into the structure with the walls and roof on and ready to have the floor poured and new pews built for the congregation of 50 souls.

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